Want to do it yourself?

Chet Sapino – DIY Consultant

As a landscape designer, I am always careful to choose plants and sod for a project that not only look great, but meet the maintenance level a homeowner or property manager wishes to undertake.

If you’re someone who is handy, loves to dig in the dirt and make your own landscape great but you’re just not 100% sure about a project, the materials needed, or the right plants for the job, let me help you by consulting with you.

I’ll discuss the right plants for your level of sun/shade, slope of your land, soil type, amount of watering needed and all those “factors” that, as a DIY person, you may not know or have thought of.

Call Chet today to schedule a consultation  –   727-243-1031
(Consultations are by hourly rate. Estimates for us to do your work are free)